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The Naomi Digital Xray staff is bringing to the table over  20 years of digital xray experience. Many of our staff have been with Naomi since the infant stages of the US Distribution Center.  As the US Partners of the Manufacturing company called RF System Lab we here at Naomi believe in our product so much that it is the ONLY product that we carry for digital xray.  What does this mean to you? This guarantees that the support you receive from us will be unparalleled by any other company and the best part is the support is completely FREE!   

We are true believers that our customers should never have to worry about Tedious contracts where you get nickle and dimed every year for a service you may or may not need.  How can we afford to do this?  Believe it or not the answer is you! We believe if we give you unbeatable support with zero ongoing costs you will tell all your friends about us and we will continue to through you.  

We invite you to call us anytime and any of our staff is happy to assist you anything Naomi related.  Questions about the software?  We have online demonstrations that we can conduct for your office through the internet to show you images from our doctors and show you the ins and outs of our Easy to use Naomi software.  Please let us know what we can do, to earn your business!

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