Whats the difference?

Below we will give you a written difference between the three options you have in technology when it comes to CR FPD and CCD DR

FPD (Direct Radiography)​​

Most recently manufacturers have released the FPD DR systems.  There are no CCD's inside the plate making the dimensions smaller than that of its CCD counterpart.  The image quality remains comparable to the CCDs.  Because the plate itself is one piece under most conditions deems the plate non repairable to physical damage in which cases you may be encouraged to carry drop insurance.  There is also usually a service contract tied to all FDP systems and software. 

CCD DR​​ (Direct Radiography)

Next in line came the CCD (Charged Coupled Device) DR technology. CCD's capture the image created by the scintillator and relays it to the computer.  

FPD and CCD DR work similar in your practice just with different technologies with pros and cons to both.  When it comes to image quality you find the images look very similar across the board.  The negative of a CCD DR is the 10-15 second acquisition time.  An advatage of CCD DR is if something physically happens the unit can be repaired.  Naomi is the only company with zero ongoing costs after the purchase. 

CR (Computed Radiography)

CR was the original digital xray technology.  Early on the CR sytems had vastly superior image quality to the DR.  The one to 3 minute acquisition times due to using a cassettes and processor have taken a toll over the years on this unit and also suffers from ongoing cost and maintenance due to moving parts inside the processor. 

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