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Affordable Veterinary Digital X-ray


This x-ray was taken from Dr. Alvi in Illinois when he first received his system.  We didn't even have time to help him develop his new technique chart when he HAD to take his first film.  No tweaking and this is the image he was able to get!

Affordable Digital X-ray for Veterinaria

Veterinary X-ray

This is a film from one of our local veterinarians on a companion named Winchestor.  We believe you will find that with Naomi, not only do we provide an affordable Digital Xray Solution but a solid quality unit as well.  This is taken on the XMD series.


Doesn't matter what type of film you need to take, Naomi is here to provide your clinic with a fast, easy, and affordable Digital X-ray solution for all small animal Veterinarians.  With our on staff radiographer we work hand in hand with your clinic on getting the best Digital X-ray images possible!  This image was taken with the XM3 Series. 

Cheap Digital X-ray


Extremeties will be of no problem for your clinic.  Whether you need to place your Naomi inside of your x-ray table or on top of your table we can get all the images you need at an affordable price!  We will also remain the only company with zero ongoing costs after the purchase.  This image is taken with the XM3 Series

Affordable Digital Xray for Veterinarian
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