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Chiropractor Digital Xray

Base Cervical

Cervicals are arguably the easiest images to acquire and the detail is easily seen.  This image comes Courtesy of Dr. Reinhardt.  Taken on XM3 Series

Affordable Digital Xray

AP Lumbar

A lot of the times as you compare images amongst companies this will be the common size of patient you will be shown.  Whereas the patient has a little thickness these are usually your easier Digital X-ray images to obtain Series XM3 Model

Patient 5'3 180lbs

Whereas this patients ht/wt may not seem like that large on paper.  You would find that famous Actor Danny Devito actually 4'11 176lbs.  Even though this patient is a couple inches taller and weighs a few pounds more you will find this image is comparable in thickness to your larger patients.  Image on XMD Series

Affordable Chiropractic Digital X-Ray

Patient 5'4 230lbs

As you convert over to digital you will learn that a lot of the time people only show you the 120 lb 5'8 Patient.  This image is taken from Dr. Tommy Lane's Chiropractic office in Tampa Florida.  At 5'4 230lbs this particular lumbar shows a decent representation of most clinics average patient's size (thickness).  Image on XMD Series  Financing options are available today!



Affordable Chiropractic Digital Xray
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