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Enhance your practices x-rays today at a price that's right for you.  

Our Story

Our Manufacturer RF System Lab in Japan is a company that has been around for 30 years.  In 2006 a United States office was established to handle the sales and support for all the North American Naomi units.  We strive every day to make your Naomi experience a one of a kind positive situation. 

Our Vision

Here at Naomi it is our goal, no our vision that every Chiropractor, Veterinarian and Podiatrist has the opportunity to go digital with their xrays at a cost that's not going to break the bank.  Digital X-ray is an important diagnostic tool, why should you have to break the bank for your patients to benefit?

CCD DR​​ (Direct Radiography)

CCD (Charged Coupled Device) DR technology. CCD's capture the image created by the scintillator and relays it to the computer.  

FPD and CCD DR work similar in your practice just with different technologies with pros and cons to both.  When it comes to image quality you find the images look very similar across the board.  With Naomi you will have reliability as well as a competitive and consistent xray image.

Who are we

How it works

Affordable Chiropractor Digital Xray

X-rays to your computer in seconds

Whereas a lot of different technologies can seem very intimidating when it comes to digital xray the process is simple.  The thing is when you go digital with your x-rays you are still positioning your patients, setting your factors and taking your exposures.  After the images are processed you can adjust brightness/contrast, do window leveling, even make basic markings. You can even with the click of a button, send the images out to be read by a radiologist.  Whether you are a Chiropractor or Veterinarian our  affordable Digital Xray solution is here for you!


Waiting on film to develop is a thing of the past.  Your time and your Staff's time is precious.  Let's face it time is money!  With our affordable Naomi Digital X-ray DR cassette, you will have images up on your screen on an average of 10-15 seconds.  Meaning by the time you are done repositioning your patient you're ready for your next film!

How it works

Dr. Robert Rheinhardt Pequannock, NJ

The image quality is great, it is fast and easy to use, and it is a pleasure to not have to maintain a darkroom. I cannot say enough good things about the experience and the support has been teriffic.

Affordable Digital Xray

What is Digital X-ray

Direct Digital X-ray (DR)

Average person xray XM3 model

Direct Digital x-rays a type of radiography that utilizes x-ray sensitive plates to promptly send the xray image directly to a computer system without making use of an intermediate cassette.

Using a DR system provides immediate benefits to your patients visits as well as your own time. The most immediate benefit is of course time itself.  When you use our affordable digital xray system the image goes directly to a PC in 10-15 seconds. 

As you know when you use a film system this is easily 1-3 minutes assuming you've got the chemistry right in your developer.  The other obvious benefit is the ability to manipulate the images you take allowing you more room for error on your films.  Learn More

Affordable Chiropractic Digital Xray

Patient is

5'4 250lbs

XMD model

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What about ongoing costs?

Here at Naomi Digital X-ray we don't believe in the need to charge you every month or every year.  If we sell you our product we should always include that support in the purchase price.  We are so confident in the longevity and the ease of use of our system we have no need to charge you as most tech support call can take just a few minutes.  

We also understand that charging someone a regular fee monthly or yearly just isn't feasible for some clinics.  This goes for whether you are a startup clinic or a doctor who is ready to retire.  We are here to help you and your clinic flourish, not take advantage of your positive momentum provided by digital x-ray by scraping a few pennies off the top.

Whether its $1,000 a year or even $3,000 per year in some cases it does not benefit your practice to start 10-50 series in the hole.  Join the ever growing community today!  This is just another way that we are one of the most affordable digital xray units out there

Cheap Veterinary Digital Xray

Why is it so affordable?

One of the most beautiful things about representing the manufacturer directly here in the US is our ability to pass the savings on to you!  We aren't just dealers in the area we are the US partners of RF System Lab for the Naomi Product.  

Whereas the Japanese are known to make superior products compared to some of the other places out East, they much like ourselves do not believe we should cripple a business with our outrages prices.  We are also so confident in our product that we know once it's in your office you'll tell all your friends about us!  

Another benefit of working directly with us or even our few trusted dealers out there who we fully back with support, is you will get 100 percent focused support whether on software or hardware.  We are Naomi, we do not carry 15 different brands with 10 other types of software.  This is who we are and you will get unbeatable support and a staff who is as good as it gets.


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